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Sales department: a cohesive and focused team

‘Money is on the way,’ used to say Roberto Conca, the company's founder. And Tecsystem's sales team has embraced and adopted this proactive philosophy and seems to be...


Emanuela Lovatti: quality manager and technical coordination

Emanuela Lovatti is quality manager and works in the technical department of Tecsystem. In the company since 2007, Emanuela has seen her role change and grow over the years, as well as the...


Tecsystem supports the Snakes Milano

During this year Tecsystem chooses to tell its story through their people: points of view, experiences, roles but above all testimonials. The month of March is dedicated to marketing: the...


Tecsystem: projects for the present and the future

They sit one next to the other, the COO and the President of Tecsystem: Cesare Campisi and Elisabetta Conca, telling how, in lucky cases, holding the helm in two is an advantage. The recent death of...


NT538 control unit promoted by altitude test (6,000 metres)

Our NT538 temperature control unit brilliantly passed the 6,000 metre altitude test set up by MATE, an independent company. What does altitude testing on temperature control units consist...


To Roberto Conca

A few months after the death of Roberto Conca, founder and president of Tecsystem, the company's voice is raised to tell the story, with Mrs. Rosa, who was by his side all his life. “I...


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