Smart system for monitoring of the electrical cabin

At the awaited edition of the CWIEME 2023 exhibition, which was held in Berlin from 23 to 25 May, the protagonist of our stand was the new complete monitoring system. Conceived just like a remote-controlled monitoring station, it is created thanks to the combination of new smart devices and guarantees continuous service that avoids downtime as well as more accurate predictive analyses.

This System consists of:

  • TRBH SYSTEM: monitoring the transformer temperature and the forced ventilation system on board allows the plant to operate in optimal conditions, reducing losses and contributing to energy efficiency. The use of SMART, low-consumption electronic motors, with independent variable speed, ensures better system performance and significant ENERGY SAVINGS.
  • SMART AIR-EXTRACTOR: we applied TRBH system technology – with SMART electric motors – to Air-Extractors, so as to allow cabin ventilation system optimization. Because, if the transformer works at low temperatures, it reduces losses and improves efficiency.
  • FIBER OPTICAL SYSTEM: this new system, initially designed only for MV-MV transformers with max. working voltages of 38 kV, can be easily applied to the transformer’s low voltage joints, allowing the interruptions in electricity service to be avoided, therefore assuring SERVICE CONTINUITY.
  • TPU SYSTEM: by controlling electrical substation conditions, it takes care of the environment in which the transformer is inserted by monitoring the Temperature, Humidity, and Dust deposit. Any anomalies are reported in real-time in compliance with security and SERVICE CONTINUITY!

Each of these systems and devices contributes to creating an interdependent system that aims to monitor, analyze and maintain the transformer's operating environment in optimal conditions, allowing energy optimization and ensuring its continuous operation.