Industry 4.0: speed and simplicity for a safer world

Simplicity – Industry 4.0 – Safety World

The road to Industry 4.0 began, for Tecsystem, in 1980

Since then, in fact, we have been developing technologies aimed at temperature control and data collection, increasingly oriented towards digitalization. Thanks to the progressive evolution of our temperature monitoring technologies, we have specialized in the production of digitized instruments capable of interfacing in a simple and immediate way with existing systems, always maintaining safety and reliability as guidelines.


An example of simplification obtained thanks to digitalization is the WS series designed for those who do not have complex systems for the acquisition and the management saving information remotely. Simple to install, just like any other TECSYSTEM control unit, it is one of the most successful products because it also meets the needs of hybrid industrial situations where digitization has not yet been introduced or completed.

Easy-reception: the powerful antenna connected on the back in most cases allows a reliable connection even if it is kept inside the electrical panel.
Easy-assembly: connecting to a wireless network does not require advanced skills and it is within the reach of any company operator.

Remote control of the transformer


It is the translation “in fact” of the concept of Industry 4.0, applied to the temperature control of electrical appliances.
The operator can have full control of the transformer without necessarily having to go to the cabin.
He can collect useful information to evaluate the health of the system.
He can have at his disposal a control unit to keep track of all past events to identify any critical issue or system anomalies.

Target: security

Real-time monitoring of data allows the operator to predict and identify critical issues in a very short time, avoiding incurring critical situations, the cause of machine downtime or breakages.


For example, it is much easier to identify a temperature sensor that is providing false indications, a possible cause of unwanted tripping.

In the same way, thanks to the 4th sensor, it is possible to check whether the cabin has a sufficient heat exchange to guarantee correct operation of the transformer.


By relying on reliable data, you will no longer have to limit yourself to hypotheses, but you can make concrete assessments based on numbers.
The operator can intervene directly on the programming thanks to the remote access, making the transformer safe while waiting for the technical intervention.

Our journey into Industry 4.0 has not yet come to an end.
There are still many potentials to be discovered and applied.