Innovative temperature control devices

In a recent article on the pages of “Transformer Technology” we talk about some of our solutions and how, starting from the basic concept of “remote temperature control”, Tecsystem has developed different technologies and protocols designed to make the transfer of data from the machine to the really simple and fast control system, increasing efficiency and safety levels.

The attention shown by the important technological magazine for the topic is not accidental: lately, even in America and Canada, attention to these issues is growing.

Transformers: the American and Canadian markets

Unlike in Europe, in recent years the American and Canadian markets have been moving towards choosing and using dry or cast resin transformers.

The advantages of dry transformers

Begun to spread from the nineteenth century, they have contributed to changing our lifestyle, favoring the transition to the digital age and a more eco-sustainable approach.Thanks to the considerable lowering of the risk of fire and the cancellation of that concerning the loss of dielectric fluids, dry-type transformers can easily be installed even in areas frequented by humans.

Latest generation dry transformer: the novelty

The new applications developed for dry-type transformers improve the reliability of our digital infrastructure, responding to the demand for green energy generation and consumption.

New technologies for distribution transformers

The new trends for the transformer market concern the development of dry-type distribution transformers, fluid-based distribution transformers and digital transformers which, slowly, acquire a higher share of use than those based on mineral oil.

Cast resin Transformers

The percentage of cast resin transformers compared to the traditional liquid-immersed ones is growing worldwide. Their success is due to the high operational reliability, which allows the installation even in human proximity and to their long duration, which can reach over 50 years.
Sustainable from an environmental and production point of view considering their economic profitability, transformers can be used in ever greater areas. Today they find a place in the construction of on-shore and off-shore wind turbines, generators and data centers.

Electricity management in critical and industrial infrastructures

Even in the case of critical or industrial contexts, digitization has opened up new possibilities, destined to further optimize the performances and durability of cast resin transformers.
For this reason TECSYSTEM invests every day in the progress of its digital temperature supervision systems for dry or resin transformers (with the ETH and WiFi series), as well as for those hermetic oil ones (TPL503 System).

Sustainability and safety in temperature control

Environmental sustainability and system and user safety are the cornerstones of Tecsystem technology. The Research and Development department continues to work on the “green” evolution of some product ranges, with a view to continuously improving performance and reducing energy and environmental impact.

Read the full article, published in the specialized American magazine “Transformer Technology”