Temperature control: transformers, motors, electrical machines

Whether it is a transformer, a motor, a generator or an electrical machine in general, Tecsystem designs and produces the most appropriate temperature management control system.

Digital systems to control the temperature of electrical machines

Tecsystem proposes itself to the market as a strategic and reliable partner both for small and big companies, thanks to systems that can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi, entering the data network already in place or, in case of smaller companies, integrating to existing equipments without requiring any modifications.

Linea Ethernet: Digitalization of control systems for big industry >>

In terms of industry 4.0, Tecsystem suggests for temperature control systems intended for plants of certain dimensions the connection via Ethernet port, to simplify the direct connection with the company network and to guarantee a constant and integrated data flow.
This way undoubtedly brings innumerable advantages, especially for more structured companies that already have a corporate network system.

WS Line: the right solution for small businesses >>

For smaller systems where there are no industrial networks, the WS Line control units allow remote data management, monitoring and connection thanks to a simple Wi-Fi system. The WS Line is in fact equipped with an antenna for radio transmission and communicates directly with the transformer or other, guaranteeing a user friendly and constant remote control on any device.

Safe electrical systems

Nowadays, TECSYSTEM products are focusing on simplifying and optimizing human maintenance and temperature monitoring. A constant monitoring of equipment means – not only ensuring full control of the machine and therefore increasing productivity, but above all ensuring the safety of the environment in which people live and work.

New “smarts” products for a market which takes care of the reduction of waste in the environment and resources, as well as being sensitive to an increasingly necessary concept such as preventive maintenance!

Make a safer world