WS line for temperature control: a complete surveillance system for industrial OVENS

The WS line for temperature control is intended for the thermal monitoring of electrical machines and thanks to an antenna for radio transmission, it can be installed without any additional operation.

Its use is in fact simple and intuitive via Internet Browser, therefore with any remotely device such as Smartphone, IPad and so on.

Case Study: temperature control system applied to OVENS for drying Resin Transformer Coils.

The must of our Customer was to keep the drying process monitored, a necessary condition to grant the product’s quality.
Optimal drying follows a well-defined Temperature / Time curve, depending on the design and production experience: any modification, interruption or error can invalidate the product and lower the quality standards.

Temperature control in night surveillance

If the drying process, which often occurs during the night, should have anomalies, the coil may present defects that are not immediately evident … and thus invalidate the INSULATION, causing problems from a safety point of view: electric shocks and / or fire hazard.

The advantages of using the WS line to control the drying system

  • immediate visibility of the thermal curve thanks to the recording of data in a chart
  • constant monitoring of oven operation, with indication of any unscheduled shutdowns
  • check that the oven is working properly with preventive detection of anomalous temperature variations
  • possibility of printing and exporting in electronic format the temperature curve of the occurred process, to grant its correct performance and the consequent quality of the coil

Increase the safety of the drying system with the WS line

In particular, in two cases the installation of the WS line in the drying ovens allows to prevent dangerous situations such as:

  • the achievement of unexpected temperatures, immediately signaled both by recording in the event data logging (complete with date and time – useful for diagnostics) and by switching the signal to an external clean contact useful for generating events (eg : alarm, telephone dialer, etc.)
  • the generation of fires due to the reaching of dangerous temperatures in case of a failure of the thermoregulation system.

The WS line thus becomes the Black Box of the oven and represents a valid temperature monitoring system for drying ovens, useful for preventing and controlling machine stops, errors, unexpected temperature variations that threaten the safety of things and people.

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