New WS line for temperature control: Certified the conformity to the European RED Directive

The latest success of the company has just been certified and is already a “top selling”.

This innovation is part of Tecsystem’s wide range of electronic and electromechanical equipment designed to monitor the temperature of electric machines such as motors, generators, generators and transformers. In particular, the field of application of the new WS line concerns the thermal control of transformers for the distribution of electricity (dry transformers). The WS line has been designed by our Research and Development team, whose goal is that to guarantee the customer innovative and efficient solutions.

The WS line meets the requirements of the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED – Radio Equipment Directive), which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union in 2014, and is applicable to all electrical and electronic devices that emit and receive waves. radio with frequencies below 3000 GHz. The general principles of the radio equipment directive include compliance with the essential requirements for product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and efficient use of the radio spectrum.

What are the advantages of the WS line?

  • Easier and faster installation of the equipment
  • Reduction of scheduled maintenance costs that can be carried out remotely
  • Access to monitoring via any device (mobile and desktop) and any operating system
  • Certified 2.4G Wi-Fi interface, simple and intuitive
  • No App or software installation required

How does the WS line work?

While the basic features are those of the latest generation of TECSYSTEM products, the control units of the new line are equipped with an antenna for radio transmission and communicate directly with the transformer allowing the operator to perform remote controls and constantly monitor the status of the machine.

An award-winning line
Thanks to the design of this product, Tecsystem in May 2018 won the CWIEME Awards for the Category: Evolution 4.0.
An important recognition of our constant commitment to the design of state-of-the-art control instruments: new “smart” products for a market that is attentive to the reduction of waste in the environment and resources, as well as being sensitive to an increasingly necessary concept such as predictive maintenance!