The (not) strange case of the stolen UNIT

from a true story

We are in the test room of an important multinational in the sector. Everything goes well when, opening the general control panel, we find a conventional temperature monitoring unit.
The technological level of the system is high and, in a test room, the data to acquire and consider are really many. We dare and propose to the customer to install our T154WS control unit. We will return after a few weeks to collect the opinions of the technicians.

What has more than the standard our transformer temperature monitoring unit ?

If you have to change, change for the better! The control unit that the customer had limited itself to detecting the temperature and showing it on the display, while our T154WS has a few more functions:

1. Storage of information from the sensors input:

An internal "black box" (web server) collects the information coming from the sensors input connected to the control unit, which are in the transformer or in the environment.

2.Memory and history available (trend chart & event log)

The control unit keeps track of what happened during exercise.
The “Trend chart” shows the temperature trend in the last 24 hours, 7 or 30 days. Thanks to the graphical representation it is possible to have an immediate view of the behavior of the transformer in a defined period of time and by exporting the graphs a precious history of the entire recording is kept.
With the "Event log" function, we will also have the history of the events detected, such as alarms, failures or any operator interventions.


Thanks to the collection and organization of data it is possible to set certain parameters in a selected time to control the operation of the transformer. It will be possible to keep track of the operating hours of the fans and extractors, alarm or trip counts, temperatures reached, etc. all the systematic information that allows you to check the status of the transformer, which is impossible with a traditional control unit!


The main page and the description of each Pt100 channel can be associated with customizable labels according to the references present on the system.

5.Internet or local connection

It is possible to connect to the control unit via an internet browser (with a simple link, without installing apps or software) or to use it locally, allowing technicians access via log with user and password.

Benefits of networking

It is possible to connect to the control unit at any time and from any location, consulting the progress of the monitoring in real time. In this way the operator will be able to check the temperature intervals and the presence of any system anomalies, view the activation of any ventilation systems (for the machine and/or for the cabin air extractor) and alarm signals such as the risk of overtemperature (ALARM and TRIP).

Even maintenance takes advantage of the remote connection of the control unit and the trafo, thanks to the possibility of setting different alarm and intervention threshold values.
Remote intervention is always safe thanks to the possibility of protecting each log with a user and password, in order to guarantee access only to authorized persons and with different intervention authorizations (view only, intervention, settings setting - protected by PIN).

The theft (solved) of the control unit

As promised, a few weeks after the installation, we returned to the customer to collect his considerations and his opinion and… surprise! The control unit had disappeared from the picture, replaced with the traditional one. We asked for explanations and the answer was: "our maintenance manager took it away from us who, having understood the functions of the T154WS, immediately proceeded to install it in external systems, in order to know the anomalies in advance and monitor its functioning and maintenance. This will allow him a greater accuracy of the diagnosis and a faster resolution of any problems. 

Naturally the customer asked us for a new T154WS also for the test room…

Tecsystem’s control units family

The T154WS is part of a family of products that also includes NT935WSEVO and NT538WSEVO, in a crescendo of functions, number of connectable sensors, number of storable data and recordable time interval. 
Some differences:

Recording Time:
T154WS: one year
NT935WS EVO and NT538WS EVO: 10 years

Number of channels:
T154WS and NT935WSEVO: 4 channels
NT538WSEVO: 8 channels

The "EVOs" send notifications autonomously.
The T154WS can also be installed only locally and does not provide the function of sending autonomous notifications.
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