Technology for temperature control and world earth day, what is their relation?

There was no mention of temperature control technology in 1969, when McConnell, an activist for peace and ecology, proposed at the UNESCO conference in San Francisco to celebrate an “Earth Day”. The proposal was accepted and, on March 21, 1970, at the spring equinox, the day was celebrated for the first time.

Earth Day brings with it significant political, economic and technological implications for all of us and in Tecsystem we asked ourselves: what can we change to improve the situation on our planet in the field of temperature control technology for transformers and electrical machinery?

Environmental sustainability: target and warning for the Industry

Earth Day is not only a hymn to the beauty of our planet, but also a warning to preserve it by putting in place specific economic measures, preparing appropriate industrial strategies and preparing intelligent technologies that promote its protection.
Industry, and Tecsystem in particular, has long accepted the suggestion of thinking and rethinking sustainable ways of environmental protection, based on energy saving and on the reduction of waste, on the intelligent and measured use of environmental resources.

Market leadership and sustainability: are they compatible?

36 world leaders signed a document in that 1970 that was a covenant and a promise to us and to the world in which we live.
They were politicians, statesmen, economists whose choices would have affected the economy of millions of people and entire countries.
By signing that symbolic document these men were tracing a route, declaring that reconciling development and economic well-being with sustainability was not only possible but necessary.
Nowadays , thanks to Denis Hayes (the first coordinator of Earth Day), the anniversary is an international reality that involves about 180 nations and goads all of us to deal with essential themes.

Sustainability: the way chosen by Tecsystem

These weeks of reduced mobility, due to the terrible COVID19 pandemic that hit us, have shown that changing our habits is capable of producing an even bigger and more global one environmental change.
And once again the word “change” takes on a positive meaning, because it can be a return and an evolution towards what is good, balanced and healthy.
Through the reduction of environmental pollution, we can restore balances that were feared lost and recover a new dimension of living and working, also profitable from an economic point of view.

Alternative energy sources in temperature control technologies

Globally, electricity will see its weight grow at the expense of other, more polluting primary energy sources, which will gradually be abandoned.
Tecsystem has long accepted the challenge of sustainability by responding with the development of technologies aimed at temperature control and data collection, increasingly oriented towards digitization and low energy consumption.

The data analysis in particular and their interfacing in user-friendly systems, allows to:
• receive real-time information on the “state of health” of the plant
• eliminate waste because it prevents machine downtime
• increase productivity thanks to predictive maintenance

In addition to collecting data to obtain further sustainability benefits, we are working on:
• design new devices to allow monitoring remote of system elements that have so far been ignored or controlled locally
• make systems increasingly capable of being autonomous

Towards the future, without fear of its challenges

At Tecsystem we are ready to improve our business models and optimize our corporate behavior.
We will also treasure this crisis: COVID19 reminded us that the things we are used to are never taken for granted, and even social distance will have to enter into our new work habits, affecting our and our customers’ operations.
For this reason, control instruments that allow distances between operators acquire importance.
Once again, remote temperature control will be a solution, and we are ready to support you!