PAC and EAC certifications for Sensors and Control Unit for the Russian market

Two new certifications have been recognized for some Tecsystem products and in particular :

  • the PAC certificate for temperature control Sensors
  • the EAC for thermal control unit compliance

PAC certificate for temperature sensor

The PAC is the Certificate of approval of measuring instruments, in this case of temperature sensors.

Also known as a metrology certificate, measurement instrument certificate, instrumentation certificate and automated control meters, the PAC is a document issued by the Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology which confirms the suitability of the sensor according to the procedure and the applicable legislation.

Obtaining the certificate means that Tecsystem Sensor has successfully passed the technical and metrological tests and has been authorized for application in the Russian Federation.

EAC certificate for temperature control unit

The EAC certificate (EurAsian Conformity) concerns the conformity of branded products and attests to their adherence to the technical regulations of the evaluation procedures of the Eurasian Customs Union.Products with EAC certification (in force since 2013), carry the appropriate mark.

The EAC certification is mandatory for the marketing of products subject to the TR CU regulations in the markets of the countries belonging to the EAC Union.

The legislation does not provide for any differentiation between goods produced inside or outside the EAC area, however:

  • products manufactured within the Union must be certified before marketing
  • products manufactured abroad must obtain the EAC certification before arriving at customs, with the exception of the samples sent beforehand for the issue of the certification.

Difference between EAC Declaration and Certification

There are two different EAC documents:

  • Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union (EAC Declaration)
  • Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union (EAC Certificate).

In past years the above certifications have replaced:

  • Gost R certificates for Russia
  • Gost K certificates for Kazakhstan
  • BelST Belarusian
  • Armenia and Kyrgyzstan certificates

Today the products EAC certification is mandatory for their placing on the market of the Eurasian Economic Union countries.

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