Tecsystem supports the Snakes Milano

During this year Tecsystem chooses to tell its story through their people: points of view, experiences, roles but above all testimonials.
The month of March is dedicated to marketing: the department, activities and people whose task it is to communicate the company, not only in its initiatives and news but in its true essence.

Sonia Riboni, marketing manager, explains this important part of Tecsystem to us

"I joined the company in 1989," she says, "and since then my roles and responsibilities have grown with me. Today my commitment is to communicate Tecsystem inside and outside the company, trying to highlight all that we are and what we do, our results and our goals".
Then Sonia continues: "This year, for example, Tecsystem decided to support the 'Snakes Milano', a team of kids aged between 11 and 16 involved in PowerChair Football: wheelchair football. That's why I asked Fabio to tell you about this".

Next to her is Fabio Passero, vice-president and coach of the Snakes, among whom Riccardo, their son, also plays

" Thanks to companies like Tecsystem, we are now able to allow guys to play and participate in the Italian PowerChair Football Championship. Riccardo, some of his friends and I discovered it during a sports event far from home, and although elsewhere in the world the sport is widespread, here in Italy it is only just starting out.

So Andrea Fabac, now president of ASD Snakes, and I worked to create the non-profit sports association that today allows us to make kids play.

Fabio also explains that the role of sponsors is crucial, because a PowerChair Football team requires special equipment, such as specific wheelchairs, a gyms with access for the disabled, and transport vehicles suitable for moving the players during trips.

"It is only thanks to contributions from companies and private individuals that we were able to participate in the Italian Championship this year and to access tenders for the supply of sports wheelchairs: we will have five arriving in June!"

Plans for the future of the Snakes?

"To continue the league next year, to provide all the special equipment for the boys and girls who play with us or who will join us in the future.

And if older kids arrive, we will create another association for them too. And one day, all together, at the Paralympics. 
Today, PowerChair Football is not yet among the Paralympic sports: it would already be widespread in enough countries in the world to be so, but there is a shortage of teams. Our dream is to grow and continue on this path.

And Tecsystem's goals, Sonia?

"In this case, to continue supporting the Snakes, because it is one of the company's ways to contribute in the development of the area where we operate, ethically, socially and economically giving back some of the benefits we have achieved through our work".

For Tecsystem: Sonia Riboni, marketing manager
For ASD Snakes Milano: Andrea Fabac, president; Fabio Passero, vice-president and coach; Carlo Rovelli, accountant; Francesco Fusco, director.