Emanuela Lovatti: quality manager and technical coordination

Emanuela Lovatti is quality manager and works in the technical department of Tecsystem.
In the company since 2007, Emanuela has seen her role change and grow over the years, as well as the company.

‘I was dedicated to quality from day one, until I became responsible for it.
At the beginning I was in charge of the commercial back office for Italy, then I moved to the technical area, with coordination and document management functions’.

So if we imagine exploring these two macro areas (quality and technical area), what does your job consist of?

In the quality area, I have to provide what is required by ISO 9001:2015: an internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems. 
I am responsible for the creation and checking of flows and procedures relating to all company processes, such as design, production, marketing and technical support’.

And your contribution in the technical area?

‘Here I collaborate with different colleagues in different areas. 
For example, with Sergio Colombi, Head of Engineering and Design, I manage the technical documentation by checking technical specifications and manuals.
With the product technicians, we handle requests for changes to equipment and the maintenance and repair of the devices. I am responsible for coordinating customer requests and internal answers, but also for supporting purchasing and production in evaluating alternative suppliers for the components.
My aim is to make processes smoother by modifying, codifying, sometimes proposing and creating them.

Do you often receive special requests from customers?

‘Year after year, customers have become more and more demanding, informed, participative. We provide our customers with product customisation and solutions to even unusual requests, something that differentiates us from our competitors. 
Precisely to streamline this support process, we have equipped our site with a dedicated area: it is called RT (technical request) and allows our customers to quickly open an online ticket which is then handled by us in order of priority determined by urgency, chronology, etc.
Each request is assigned to the right person who will be responsible for it and bring it to a quick resolution.’

And what do customers ask for?

‘The simplest requests concern support or possible returns, which are handled quickly and punctually. For product development, on the other hand, we can provide different levels of customisation: from simple software changes to the creation of particular products meeting detailed specifications.’

And do customers always know what they want?

‘Not always. In some cases we receive precise requests, complete with operating parameters. In other cases, we start from the needs and propose the best existing solution or one that has to be invented. However, in the case of partial or substantial modifications, all our products are always accompanied by technical documentation, supplied with samples for field testing and, only after customer approval, go into production. We like to innovate and experiment, but always with wide margins of safety and control'.

It sounds like something you're proud of...

‘And it's not the only one. I am very proud, for example, of the modern and sustainable mentality that runs through the company. And I'm not just talking about 'green' decisions and policies imposed from the top, but a personal and widespread mindset that leads everyone to work together in the right direction.
For example, the renovation of the sales office is currently in progress, and the company has been a pioneer in choosing environmentally friendly and low-impact materials, even anticipating a recommendation of ISO 9001, which from this year has introduced additions precisely aimed at containing climate change.’

Speaking of ISO 9001: this is also a success story in which you are involved.

‘That's true. I was really proud of the work we did when, at this year's inspection, which took place on 18 and 19 April, no non-conformities were found or observations made.
We are all going in the same direction, in short. And it is definitely the direction of progress.’