The temperature / pressure / level control system TPL503 ED19 has been certified for application in marine environments.

The new model TPL503 ED19 by Tecsystem was born as a development of the existing TPL503 for the remote control of temperature / pressure / level of hermetic oil transformers.

The system maintains the BB211 digital control unit, but the new TPL503 ED19 sensor replaces the previous one. The ED19 version has been created following numerous requests from customers for positioning the sensor on transformers intended to be used in a marine environment.

TPL503 ED19 sensor: certified for marine environments

The new TPL 503 ED19 sensor has been certified against corrosion caused by salt mist according to ISO 60068-2-52:2017.

The innovations introduced compared to the STANDARD version include:

  • Sensor head in aluminum with anodizing treatment at 50 micron
  • 1/8 AISI 316 stainless steel air bleed new valve
  • Drain plug 1/8, with OR viton for safety closing, in nickel-plated brass
  • Oil filling instructions with values::
  • MIN minimum oil filling to avoid low oil-warnings
  • MAX maximum oil filling for correct sensor bleeding
  • Fixing brackets AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Fixing base ring in AISI 316 stainless steel

Hermetic transformer remote control : how does it work?

The TPL503 ED19 SYSTEM is part of the Tecsystem 4.0 technological range as regards the protection of hermetically sealed oil transformers.

Like all our products, the TPL 503 ED19 is also characterized by high levels of efficiency and reliability. It is considered a “smart” system as it is able to receive commands and transmit information, thus responding to recent needs and overcoming the limits of electromechanical controls currently on the market. In fact, they are replaced by the TPL 503 electronic sensor, which, installed directly on the transformer, is able to detect, monitor and transmit temperature, pressure and oil level data to the BB211 control unit.The latter, through appropriate alarm contacts, protects the transformer and transmits the information to a remote center for predictive maintenance.

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