Using the forced ventilation systems on board to increase safety

The forced ventilation systems on board allow the transformer to maintain an optimal temperature increasing the safety of the system, even in the event of momentary higher loads.

Integrated system ventilation

The ventilation, integrated in the transformer plant, ensures a greater temperature control and allows a prompt intervention in case of sudden and overloaded changes.

Evaluation of the external environment of the transformer cabin

It is always recommended to consider the environment in which the transformer cabin is located and pay attention to various aspects that influence the activity of a transformer and on which attention must be paid for the purpose of thermal control.

In particular, it is important to make sure that:

  • air intake is preferably from the North side, to make heat dissipation more effective
  • the maximum ambient temperature remains within the limits prescribed by the IEC 60076-11 standard
  • the humidity of the environment is less than 90% (non-condensing)
  • there is no fine dust
  • there is no flammable or corrosive gases

Ventilation system managed by a thermometric control unit: the new features of TECSYSTEM

In many installations, the activation of the ventilation system on the machine is managed by the thermometric control unit, which activates the fans in relation to the temperature of the transformer. In order to optimize the transformer ventilation and the extraction of the air from the cabin, TECSYSTEM introduced in the NT935 ED16 and NT538 ED16 series:

  • programmability of the FAN1 contacts for managing ventilation on the machine;
  • programmability of FAN2 contacts for extractor control;
  • the INTELLIFAN function (also for the T1048 SERIES) which makes it possible to limit the increase in temperature and the thermal shock of the insulating materials thanks to the partial early activation of the ventilation system.

Is it possible to predict the transformer temperature increase?

The causes that can contribute to the increase of the transformer working temperature in most cases are not predictable, therefore the automatic ventilation systems are more and more often an optional which should be avoided.

Precisely because of the importance they have, it is also advisable to integrate them with devices capable of preserving their correct functioning over time and promptly reporting any breakdowns to the user.

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