Tecsystem has introduced a major technical update on the fans diameter 80

TECSYSTEM has introduced a major technical update on the fans diameter 80.
This modification involves the replacement of the impellers with sliding system in the bushing in favor of the impellers with sliding system with ball bearing double ZZ.

Why this improvement ?
The strong increase of the production facilities of renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass, or those energy sources whose use does not affect the natural resources, has changed the location of the power plants in more remote location, where the environmental conditions of operation of the transformer can be considered very critical or even extreme.

In the new plant/electrical substations, the operating conditions of the transformer are subject to – very dusty – high humidity – high temperature and so on.

These environmental situations make it essential to have a product more reliable, to avoid machine downtime or failures with consequent production stops.

To ensure, always, proper operation of the transformer is important to take a good care in every details for its operation and therefore need to have a suitable ventilation system, built to last also in critical condition.

The introduction of ball bearings on the fans ZZ Tecsystem born from the needs of the market and to better respond to the evolution of green energy.