NT538 WS

Free from any wiring thanks to the certified 2.4 GHz WiFi interface, the NEW WS LINE makes installation even easier and faster. It can be connected to a pre-existing WiFi network (Host mode) and controlled remotely.

In the Access Point mode, it is also possible to dialogue with the monitoring unit within the WiFi range.

The 2.4 GHz signal strength is guaranteed by the presence of an external antenna which, in case of need, can be disconnected and repositioned to obtain a greater coverage.

Equipped with a simple graphical interface for displaying the information detected on the state of the transformer, it offers the possibility to intervene for programming and configuring the system.

The alarms are saved internally to the WS unit, through a datalogger function – WebServer – which makes the new WS line a sort of transformer Black Box.

The temperature trend is visualized through a graph with selectable time windows, allowing predictive evaluations on the health status of the transformer, without having to install dedicated Apps or Software, but only thanks to the use of an Internet Browser.

The NT538WS maintains the canonical 8 Pt100 inputs, the plus of the latest generation of products and guarantees great flexibility in use in many applications. In addition to the standard certification, the NT538WS is RED certified for the limitations of Radiofrequency noises, as required by current regulations.

On request, the unit is available with   certification for Canadian and American market.

All our units can also be supplied with a special coating on the electronic cards, resistant to difficult weather conditions, particularly characterized by high temperature and humidity (which are in tropical climates).


POWER SUPPLY: 85 – 260 Vac-dc