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The protection of the safety and the privacy of your personal data is important to TECSYSTEM S.r.l., who act in conformity with the laws presently in force about the protection and safety of the personal data. We trust that the below indicated regulations can help you to understand which kind of data TECSYSTEM S.r.l. usually collect, how they use and keep them and who they share them with.

Company information
Via Alfieri, 1 – 20090
Cesano Boscone (MI) – ITALIA
P.IVA: IT08725440153
C.Fisc.: 00836920181
Share Capital:€ 15.510,00
Email PEC:

Aim of the data processing
Following the regulation of the law no. 675 of 31 December 1996, concerning the “Protection of people and other subjects as to personal data processing”, we indicate the aims and the processing conditions of the personal data if you decide to supply TECSYSTEM S.r.l. with them.
According to art. no. 10 of the above law, such data will be object of data processing, as indicated by art. 1, comma 2, point b of the law, with the following aims:
a) Following the regulation of the law no. 675 of 31 December 1996, concerning the “Protection of people and other subjects as to personal data processing”, we indicate the aims and the processing conditions of the personal data if you decide to supply TECSYSTEM S.r.l. with them;
b) verifying the users’ satisfaction, market analysis and statistics;
c) information about future commercial activities and introduction of new products, services and offers from TECSYSTEM S.r.l. and not from other companies, that may, not under TECSYSTEM S.r.l. responsibility, send information material or spam through e-mail;
d) promotional and advertising activities on the market;
e) possible economical and financial analysis and evaluations.
In any case, TECSYSTEM S.r.l. will not collect the “sensible” data relating to art. 22 of the Law 675/96.
The holder of the personal data is TECSYSTEM S.r.l. with seat in Via Alfieri, 1 – 20090 – Cesano Boscone (MI) – ITALIA, in the person of Mrs. Rosa Lanzarotta.

Links to other websites
On the webpages of the TECSYSTEM S.r.l. website you can find some links (Hyperlinks) with other websites, proposed to supply their users with a better service or to suggest partners or service suppliers.
TECSYSTEM S.r.l. is in no case responsible of the contents of the websites at which the users could gain access.

Despite our website has no section with contents which cannot be viewed by minors, we would like to point out that no personal data should be put in our website by them without consent of their parents or tutors. We encourage parents or tutors to teach minors a responsible use of their personal data on the internet. TECSYSTEM S.r.l. engage themselves not to keep or use consciously any personal data collected from minors for any aim, included the divulgation to thirds.

To protect your personal data against destruction, loss or improper or accidental alteration and against the access and divulgation by non-authorised people, TECSYSTEM S.r.l. have foreseen safety measures of technical and organisation nature, preventing the non-authorised from the access at all the data collected through the site.

Questions and comments
TECSYSTEM S.r.l. engage themselves to answer any question you may have about privacy and to do it in the shortest time in order to guarantee the clearness of their commercial aims. They engage also themselves to supply the users through their means of communication with detailed information in case of changes on the privacy text, caused by modifications of commercial strategies or of the laws presently in force. For more information you can therefore contact us using the addresses you find in the contacts section.

In acknowledgement of the above information, I agree to communication and processing of my personal data, as in the above indications.



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