TRBH: new ventilation system

The first patented system for the ventilation of cast-resin transformers

What’s the TRBH ventilation system consist of?

The TRBH system was created to meet the needs of the current industry 4.0, allowing the user to optimize control interventions – better predictive maintenance – and reducing consumption and noise.

The system consists of:

  1. NT935 BH unit, available in Digital or ETH versions
  2. “Control Box” TRBH for each Bar
  3. 6 tangential fans TRBH – TG series
  4. 2 PRE-WIRED ventilation bars

Why use the TRBH ventilation system: the advantages

  • Power consuption reduction

During the 2021- with the revision of the 2009/125 / EC Ecodesign Regulation for the reduction of transformer losses – the consumption of electrical accessories connected to the transformer operation will also be taken into account, such as losses due to the use of air heaters, fans and cooling pumps.

Tecsystem has taken this new requirement into consideration when designing the TRBH ventilation

system: a winning technology, obeying an increasingly restrictive legislation and ensuring lower operating costs.

  1. Transfomer containment of thermal and mechanical shock

The anticipated action of heat dissipation allows you to start cooling the transformer ahead of time and with a reduced volume of air. Preventing the fans from full speed power-up, it allows to contain the effects of the thermal shock deleterious for the insulating materials, in particular the resin.

The anticipated action of heat dissipation allows you to start cooling the transformer ahead of time and with a reduced volume of air.

The ventilation system activation and the fans air flow regulation, are directly managed by the thermometric control unit which adapts the rotation speed of the pair of fans of each winding according to the temperature detected by the single Pt100.

The transformer windings can have different temperatures. The reduction of the temperature differences between the windings allows to contain the mechanical stress due to the different thermal expansions and contractions.

  • Fan noise reduction

The main cause of noise of a ventilation system is due to the turbulence generated by the impeller speed and pressure of the air flow. The reduction of the average operating speed allows to limit the noise of the air-forced-cooled transformer.

How does the TRBH system work?

The activation threshold of the ventilation system, programmable on the thermometric devices as usual, is automatically advanced by 10 ° C compared to the FAN1 ON threshold (set for CH1-CH2-CH3).

The speed (rpm) of the fans varies according to the temperature detected on the channel and the value of FAN 1 ON.

Each column of the transformer is ventilated in relation to the temperature measured on the single phase: if the transformer heats up further, the speed and therefore the air flow of the fans is increased to contain the temperature increase and keep it stable.

Fan Integrated diagnostics

Integrated diagnostics allow you to improve:

  • identification and reporting of any motor anomalies
  • remote signaling of any anomalies in the fans with integration into systems SCADA monitoring
  • maintenance interventions scheduling on the ventilation system

The BH series control units, connected to the BH bars, are able to identify any anomalies on the fans as well as allowing – through the Modbus Mapping – to monitor the speed (rpm) set by the control unit and provide the following signals for:

  • fans speed (M1-M6) (M2-M5) (M3-M4)
  • motor over temperatures (over 70°C)
  • generic motor signal (blocked or under stress motor – impeller disconnected from the motor shaft – faulty motor – errors or interruptions in electrical connections).

The ETH version also allows quick and easy integration with the network system.

Watch the TRBH fan (event video)

We show you the assembly and complete installation of the TRBH fan, which was the protagonist of a digital event that took place just this summer.

Click here to see it

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