Tecsystem annually invests for continuous product improvement

As part of our continuous product improvement, TECSYSTEM annually invests around 15% of its revenues in the study of projects/proposals, developing new electronic solutions, new mechanical solutions, new software and firmware, all in spite of the high rates of growth in labor costs.

This “modus vivendi” of strong focus on continuous improvement, allows our company to be the leader for global market in the niche of expertise, even while, objectively, reported economic indicators and market, looks not growing very much for many companies in the world and specially in Europe .

Customer satisfaction, our ability to “innovate and customize” even simple products in our range of over 100 models and items available for various needs of monitoring the temperature on board of transformers, motors and other electric machines, it remains the criterion that has guided us for over 35 years!

In order to maintain this high standard of development and to ensure the same ability to meet in real-time most of the requirements of our clients, after three years, it is time to revise the price list of our company.

It is hereby announced that effecting January 1st, 2015 TECSYSTEM Ltd.’s price list presenting an increase of 5% (fivepercent) of all the item codes.

Where the customer is being applied to the net price, it will be increased by 3% (threepercent).
Where the customer was charged a special price, the same will be subject to private negotiation.

All the orders received and confirmed in 2014, with expected delivery within and only, January 2015, will not be burdened with the price increase of 2015.