ITALY - Photovoltaic Park 18MW

As in all the sectors, even in the energy and more precisely in the photovoltaic one , the need for a change in communication and in the management of transformers’ temperature control is born.

That’s why, a photovoltaic plant (producing approximately 18MW, equipped with 1250KVA – 1000KVA power transformers, thermally controlled with Tecsystem T154) is upgraded with more advanced control units: the NT935ETH, which complete with management software, ETH MANAGER, can display remotely the status of the transformer and, if necessary, switch from desktop or mobile to programmed thresholds.

NT935ETH and TECSYSTEM ETH Manager software have proven to be the best product to quickly achieve significant energy efficiency and timing optimization.

The expertise, product quality and Tecsystem technical support have been appreciated by the customer and are considered as distinctive as compared to the competitors.