PAC and EAC certifications for Sensors and Control Unit for the Russian market

Two new certifications have been recognized for some Tecsystem products and in particular : the PAC certificate for temperature control Sensors the EAC for thermal control unit compliance PAC certificate for temperature sensor The PAC is the Certificate of approval of measuring instruments, in this case of temperature sensors. Also known as a metrology certificate, […]

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

The new RMA procedure for obtaining the authorization to return material is NOW ON.. What is an R M A number? With the attribution of an R M A number (Return Merchandise Authorization), Tecsystem authorizes the customer to return the product. The reasons for return can be: 1) return for repair 2) return for credit […]

Closing for Halloween 2019

** We will be closed the 1st of November 2019 … wishing our customers a Happy Halloween **

Innovative temperature control devices

In a recent article on the pages of “Transformer Technology” we talk about some of our solutions and how, starting from the basic concept of “remote temperature control”, Tecsystem has developed different technologies and protocols designed to make the transfer of data from the machine to the really simple and fast control system, increasing efficiency […]

Certified temperature control devices

TECSYSTEM: Quality and products certification Tecsystem, specialized in devices for monitoring the temperature of electric machines, bases the quality of its products not only on their intrinsic goodness, but also on the added value offered to customers thanks to the extreme care and attention placed in their certifications. ISO 9001 certification: the quality of the […]

Panda D’Oro Award 2019: We did it! Tecsystem Shanghai won the “Strategy and Promotion” Award.

In occasion of the 10th edition of the Italian Grand Gala Panda D’Oro Award organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CICC), our subsidiary TECSYSTEM SHANGHAI Co. LTD has been awarded for the category “Strategy & Promotion”: for the constant commitment to design and develop “smart” products for an increasingly interconnected world. One […]

Using the forced ventilation systems on board to increase safety

The forced ventilation systems on board allow the transformer to maintain an optimal temperature increasing the safety of the system, even in the event of momentary higher loads. Integrated system ventilation The ventilation, integrated in the transformer plant, ensures a greater temperature control and allows a prompt intervention in case of sudden and overloaded changes. […]

WS line for temperature control: a complete surveillance system for industrial OVENS

The WS line for temperature control is intended for the thermal monitoring of electrical machines and thanks to an antenna for radio transmission, it can be installed without any additional operation. Its use is in fact simple and intuitive via Internet Browser, therefore with any remotely device such as Smartphone, IPad and so on. Case […]