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TECSYSTEM for over 30 years has manufactured and developed a wide range of electronic and electromechanical devices, for the temperature control of electric machines such as: motors, generators, gen-sets and transformers; investing their resources in innovation and quality of its products and its services.


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In these pages you will find many technical suggestions and documents regarding the devices of TECSYSTEM you are using. Inside are available, not only details on the individual products, but also educational video messages that will take you to improve the confidence and managerial application of our products.


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Jun 15

ITALY - Photovoltaic Park 18MW

As in all the sectors, even in the energy and more precisely in the photovoltaic one , the need for a change in communication and in the management of transformers' temperature control is born.

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Mar 01


The CONV ETH allows to implement the functionality of Tecsystem units in the monitoring system, and to connect an existing device, set up with Modbus RTU RS485 output, directly to an Ethernet network.

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