The T2612 is a comby unit to control the temperature of MV dry type and cast resin transformers and the power of the fan cooling system. It is recommended in combination with high-powered cooling systems, as it has two FAN outputs with maximum capacity of 16 Amp which can also be activated manually.

The metal structure is designed for installation on the front door of a Panel or of the metal box of the transformer. 4 Pt100 inputs allow the reading of the temperature of the 3 windings and possibly of the core or the ambient. The unit is equipped with dry contacts to signal FAULT, ALARM and TRIP. For the fan control the unit has 2 active outputs which provide power directly to the fan motors.

Upon request the unit is  certified for the American and Canadian markets.

POWER SUPPLY: 120 or 240 Vac 50/60 Hz



T2612: unit with RS485 Modbus output
T2612-C: unit with analog 4-20 mA output
T2612-AD: unit with both RS485 Modbus and analog 4-20 mA outputs
Range from -40°C to +200°C: suitable for applications in areas with harsh climate


Electrical Connections

t2612b electrical connections tecsystem


Other versions

qtm2612 tecsystem
Control panel mounted available for all the options