The T119 is a control unit developed to control the temperature of MV cast resin and dry type transformers.

The use of Ptc temperature sensors according to DIN 44081 and 44082 makes it particularly simple and economical. Entrusted the management unit to a microcontroller allows to maintain a high level of reliability.

The 3 Ptc sensor inputs refer to the alarm thresholds (ALL1), trip (ALL2) and ventilation (FAN). Each input can be connected by 1 up to 9 Ptc’s in series.
Any sensor or unit anomalies reported as FAULT alarm.

UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc

Electrical Connections



Other versions

nt119 tecsystem
100 x 100 mm front panel mounting

T119 DIN
DIN 43880 rail mounting