NW2004 + NW4004C

Bluetooth™ solution for those who want to monitor the temperature of motors and transformers without using cables. Just connect the Pt100 sensors to the transmitter NW4004C located near the electrical machine and the NW2004 unit will communicate with a remote signal that covers up to 500 meters (in open field). The NW4004C is equipped with 4 Pt100 inputs, but it is also available with 8 channels (NW4008C). The unit NW2004 has 4 protection relays: ALARM relay to give a signal for high temperatures, TRIP relay to disconnect the transformer in case it reaches the maximum threshold, FAN relay to start the ventilation system, FAULT relay to signal eventual failures.

UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc


Possibility of installation in a DIN 43880 box


Electrical Connections

NW2004 electrical connections tecsystem


Other versions

NW2008 + NW4008C
8 channels model