NT935 is an electronic microprocessor based unit specifically designed for dry type and cast resin transformers. It is a temperature monitoring unit for transformers like the standard T154, but thanks to the communication system it provides, in the other versions, the possibility to change all the settings you want here between the relays thresholds.

The NT935 is equipped with 4 Pt100 inputs to monitor the temperature of the windings and/or the ambient temperature (4° channel). The protection relays are 4: ALARM relay to give a signal for high temperatures, TRIP relay to disconnect the transformer in case it reaches the maximum threshold, FAN relay to start the ventilation system, FAULT relay to signal eventual failures.

Upon request the unit is  certified for the American and Canadian markets.

UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc


NT935-Trop: electronic cards protection treatment (for tropical environment)

Electrical Connections

Other versions

NT935 AD Analog & Digital Inside