Electronic microprocessor based unit for the temperature monitoring of electric motors and MV dry type/cast resin transformers. The unit, due to the 8 input channels and the various programming options, grants a great flexibility of use in many applications.

It is equipped with 8 inputs for Pt100 sensors and with 4 dry contact relay outputs, ALARM and TRIP, FAULT for working anomalies and drive of FAN cooling system.

Upon request the unit is  certified for the American and Canadian markets.

UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc



NT538-Trop: electronic cards protection treatment (for tropical environment)
NT538 -40+200: temp. reading range from -40°C up to +200°C
NT538 Cu10 -40+200: temp. reading range from -40°C up to +200°C

Electrical Connections