The MM453 is a complete unit for controlling the temperature of the diesel and biogas generators, designed to monitor the bearings, exhaust gas, lubricating oil and coolant.

A large alphanumeric LCD display allows the easy reading of operating parameters.

Equipped with a highly flexible configuration, this unit can be customized for various applications to control the system.

It can be configured up to a maximum of 24 inputs, from RTD Pt100, Pt1000 or TcK.

The alarm and trip signals can be routed to 2 separate banks of relays (ALL1-ALL2 and AUX1-AUX2).

UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc


Electrical Connections

mm453 electrical connections tecsystem


Other versions

mm453 tecsystem
MM453 RS485 Modbus Inside

mm453 tecsystem
MM453 4-20mA Analog Inside